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Eco Ultra — The oil industry’s game changer.

To say that Universal Lubricants’ Eco Ultra line is transforming the future of oil is a huge understatement.

That’s because every Eco Ultra lubricant is made from re-refined base oil and blended with premium additives for maximum performance. Oil that not that long ago was considered waste, good only for burning as an industrial oil, is now redefining an entire industry by making a non-renewable resource, renewable.

Here's how we do it. Used oil is collected and run through a state-of-the-art re-refinery. The meticulous re-refining process removes worn-out additives, cleaners and other impurities from the oil and leaves a clean, clear, pure, high-grade Group II+ base oil. The crystal clear base oil is then blended with fresh high performance additives to create our line of Eco Ultra products. The Eco Ultra lubricant line includes motor oil, automatic transmission fluid, hydraulic fluid, and heavy-duty engine oil.

Eco Ultra antifreeze is made using a similar environmentally-friendly process. Working with collected used antifreeze, spent additives and residue are separated from water and ethylene glycol and are made into safe, solid products that can go into landfills. The water and ethylene glycol are purified and blended with new additives to create Eco Ultra antifreeze.

Eco Ultra innovation is here, now. These products have proven themselves as the go-to choice for oil change bays, businesses, government fleets, and do-it-yourselfers across the country. Universal Lubricants' re-refined materials represent the solid win-win that America needs now, and in the future.

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The Re-Refining Difference

Eco Ultra products deliver the highest standards of performance to protect the toughest equipment, but are far gentler on the planet than other oils.

  • Improves Engine Performance
    Premium additives help protect engines and improve overall performance.
  • Made from Re-Refined Base Oil
    The most advanced re-refining technology is used to create high quality base oil.
  • Eco Ultra is American Made
    Re-refining used oil reduces reliance on foreign oil and supports American jobs.
  • Better for the Environment
    Re-refining uses less energy and reduces harmful emissions.