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Uniquely prepared to meet the challenge.

The difference between Universal Lubricants and our big oil competitors is like the difference between a cruise ship and a swift boat. One moves along comfortably, slowly, steadily pointed in one direction. The other is built for speed, instantly changing course at a moment’s notice, whenever and wherever it’s required, reaching its destination by following the quickest, shortest possible path.

Traditional oil companies may be fine for business as usual. But the challenges facing businesses today and in future will be anything but usual. Universal Lubricants is uniquely positioned to respond to the challenges and the opportunities of oil’s future.

We’re already turning used oil into clean, high performance products every day. By doing so, we reduce emissions, use far less energy and produce the same amount of finished oil from one barrel that it would take 50 barrels of foreign crude to produce. And there's much more innovation where that came from.

That’s the future of oil. Brought to you by Universal Lubricants.


Universal Lubricants’ innovation isn’t just what’s in the package. We’re pioneering cleaner, greener, user-friendly packaging.

Re-refined Eco Ultra oil products deliver outstanding performance in all product categories. 

Meeting Demand
Why does Universal Lubricants go to such great lengths to deliver re-refined oil products? Because American drivers have asked for them. And we’re committed to meeting their demands.

Efficiency and Mobility
Our commitment to the environment goes far beyond leading the nation in re-refined motor oil. We believe that true sustainability isn’t just about a final product, but includes the way that product is made and is used throughout its entire life cycle.