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The Fleet Future — Performance meets responsibility. 

No other drivers demand more of their vehicles – and the oil that lubricates them – than fleet operators. So it stands to reason that no other group will have a greater impact on America's environmental and sustainable energy future.

For fleet operators, innovations such as engine oil made from re-refined base oil represent a critical link towards taking sustainability efforts to the ultimate level. A growing list of trucking and passenger fleet companies are finding Eco Ultra Synthetic Blend Motor Oil from Universal Lubricants to be the perfect solution for performance, sustainability and profitability goals.

From an energy perspective, the average 12-quart oil change using Eco Ultra oil helps spare 60 barrels of crude oil from being either extracted or imported. As a process, re-refining used oil takes up to 89 percent less energy and produces up to 65 percent less environment-impacting emissions than refining crude.

Trucking fleet managers report that Eco Ultra products help keep engines working harder, longer — resulting in reliable and consistent long-haul performance, decreased downtime and extended drain intervals. Made from re-refined base oil, Eco Ultra products deliver oustanding performance in all product categories.

For fleet operators the economic benefits of Eco Ultra add up to much more than just saving on the margins. Investing in engine oil made from re-refined base oil offers sizable returns when it comes to maintenance costs and keeping care of multi-thousand dollar pieces of machinery.

It makes sense. And it saves a whole lot of dollars.