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Tradition Meets Innovation — A history of delivering success.

Innovation is the lifeblood of our business. Without it, we're just another oil company.

So even though we are closing in on 90 years in business, we treat each day as if it were our very first. With eyes-wide-open anticipation and pedal-to-the-metal determination. We challenge ourselves every step of the way — in the products we blend, in the way we package and deliver them, in the service we provide to both new and decades-old customers, and in the ways we work with each other. 

Universal Lubricants is unique. We are flexible, and able to respond quickly to needs of our customers and the opportunities of our time. Yet, we are well-established, with the experience, the processes, and the staff to not only develop new ideas, but to bring them to market. The Universal Lubricants point of difference makes a world of difference to our customers, in the life of their engines, in their bottom lines, in their fragile environment. And in the future of oil.

Our past is a springboard to now, and beyond.

1929. It was hardly the ideal time to start a business. Especially if that business centered on producing lubricants to grease the machines of industry. Problem was, a lot of industry wasn’t moving much. It was sitting idle, waiting for buy-out, bail out or better times.

Given the harsh economic realities of the time, the founders of Universal Lubricants knew that if the company was to make it as a business they'd better make the best products in the business. And that’s just what they did. As more and more businesses tried the products, word of their quality spread. Soon, the performance of those products was matched by the personal attention of a sales and distribution force committed to anticipating problems and solving customer needs.

Today, we at Universal continue our founders' passion for innovation. As the demands and sophistication of engines and machinery have advanced, so have the products we produce to keep them running smoothly. We're not just known for our attention to customer relationships, we're driven by them. In fact, several of Universal's most popular products were first developed to meet the specific needs of a few customers. 

Now, as we work to help pioneer the sustainability of products made with re-refined oil, we're grateful to the people who built this company. Their innovations and accomplishments have set us a path of sustainability that is truly the future of oil.