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Engine Guard saves engines.

How healthy is your engine?  A Universal Lubricants’ Engine Guard analysis can tell precisely, in black and white.

Initially developed for heavy-duty and fleet operators, the program detects component wear long before it causes damage. Engine Guard tests for wear metals, soot content, additives strength, viscosity, antifreeze contamination, fuel contamination, and moisture. The service can be used to analyze Universal Lubricants' fluids including motor oil, hydraulic fluid, gear lubricants, and transmission fluid. All governed by the American Society for Testing Materials methods and procedures.

24-hour turnaround is as close as your mailbox.

Engine Guard

Universal provides thorough lab analysis testing. Allowing extended drain intervals and tremendous cost savings...
Bill Molitor, Vice President/Owner, Andale Ready Mix, Andale, Kan.

Using Engine Guard is as easy as these seven steps:

  1. Fill the sample bottle we’ll provide during a drain interval or at test time.
  2. Put the sample in the prepaid mailer.
  3. Within 3-5 days, your sample will arrive at the Universal Lubricants lab. We can also accept rush samples, if needed.
  4. Once we have your sample, we’ll guarantee a 24-hour lab turnaround.
  5. We’ll post your complete analysis results on a secure, password-protected website.
  6. After the analysis is complete, the samples are kept for two months, and then recycled.
  7. If the analysis does show an abnormality, or if concentrations have reached a condemning limit, we’ll notify you immediately through email.


Sampling Fees May Apply

Tested to be the best.
Before any Universal Lubricants' product goes in your machine, it has to stand up to our stringent analysis. Every year, Universal’s lab runs more than 10,000 quality control checks on raw materials, finished products, and research and development projects. And to help identify engine problems before they happen, more than 100,000 used oil samples are tested every year in our Engine Guard program. read more >