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Sustainable Success — Good news and good business.

Sustainability is the capacity to endure. It is the power of business to make and to do in a way that continually benefits consumers — and the bottom line. In global terms, sustainability is respect and healing for a planet we depend on for our very existence.

While sustainability should be important to everyone, we believe oil companies have both a unique opportunity, and obligation, to manufacture products in a way that keeps business moving and allows nature to thrive.

Universal Lubricants is leading the industry in that direction. For us, sustainability isn’t just about a final product. It includes every aspect of our business and our products:  from the way we move, to the way our products are produced, how they're packaged and how it’s handled throughout its entire lifecycle.

We’re saving about 24 barrels of crude per oil change. And re-refining requires less energy... It just seems like the right thing to do.
Ed Boes, Terminal Manager, D&D Sexton Inc., Carthage, Missouri

We're Protecting the Environment

The United States consumes approximately 25 percent of the total worldwide demand for lubricating oils each year. In that same time frame, the U.S. produces 1.3 billion gallons of used engine oil, half by the transportation sector and half by industry. Of that 1.3 billion, approximately 880 million gallons is recovered for re-use, with the rest unaccounted for and likely disposed of improperly, damaging the environment. The majority — approximately 70 percent — of what is recovered is burned as an industrial fuel. Once oil is burned, it’s gone. But re-refining that same used oil allows it to be used again and again. 

Did you know?

  • One Eco Ultra oil change (1.12 gallons) reduces reliance on foreign oil by 2 barrels
  • The average driver who chooses Eco Ultra saves 8 barrels of foreign crude per year
  • Recycling 1 gallon of used oil can protect 1 million gallons of drinking water
  • A year's worth of Eco Ultra oil changes can protect the water supply for 200 people
  • Re-refining used oil requires up to 89% less energy and produces up to 65% less
    environment-impacting emissions than refining crude.

We're Promoting Progress

Sustainable lubricants are clearly good for the planet. But they're also good for business. Now with advanced quality performance products from Universal, businesses can choose lubricants that are both kind to the enviroment and great for the bottom line. 

Independent studies show that Universal Lubricant oils with high performance additives reduce engine wear - which leads to fewer oil changes, reduced oil consumption and better gas mileage. All of which saves you money. For the maintenance of your fleet, and to keep the transports your company depend on running smoothly, Universal products just make good business — and environmental — sense.