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CK-4 10W-30 Engine Oil

Eco Ultra® Synthetic Blend oils are premium quality, heavy-duty crankcase oils. They have been formulated with highly re-refined Group II base oils which counteract acids, varnishes and deposits to extend engine life and maintain peak efficiency. The CK-4 technology provides improved soot control, wear protection, pumbability, and protection from thermal and oxidative breakdown. These products are manufactured with technologies to provide maximum performance in both diesel and gasoline engine service.

Eco Ultra Synthetic Blend oils provide outstanding protection against scuffing of highly loaded cams, hyraulic lifters and other valve train components, resulting in reduced engine wear and increased engine efficiency and power. These products are designed to keep high-output, low emission engine designs clean and working efficiently. Eco Ultra Synthetic Blend oils are an exceptional choice for fleets of diesel engines requiring an API Service Classification CK-4 and exceed the minimum requirements of the category.